A Quick Update from Charleston Weddings’ Spring Bridal Show – #CHSWEDWEEK

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be connected with the Charleston Fashion Week organization! This week I’ve been doing make-up with their Spring Bridal Show. It’s fabulous, as you would imagine. And I’m worn out … but this is what I live for! Whether it’s a fashion week in Charleston or New York — or maybe make-up for your wedding — being able to help bring out people’s natural beauty is what makes me come alive.

Here’s a photo from the week:


New York Fashion Week is NEXT WEEK.

I am beyond excited to be doing makeup at New York Fashion Week with Ashley Brook Perryman’s team!

You can keep up with us by following the hashtags #TeamABP and #NYFW on Facebook and Instagram. I’ll also post with #BarbieNYFW. It’s going to be amazing!

Here’s the full schedule.

Here’s a photo of me and some of my fellow makeup artists from Charleston Fashion Week 2016.

Team ABP at Charleston Fashion Week 2016